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Millions of people around the world seek to immigrate to the United States every year. Family-based immigration is one of the most common pathways toward becoming a permanent resident and a U.S. citizen. Permanent residents and citizens can petition for certain family members such as spouses, children, siblings and parents to become green card holders. The process of petitioning for a visa or adjustment of status for your family member can be challenging considering the complex nature of immigration laws.

At Cantafio and Song, PLLC we handle all facets of family-based immigration including fiancé(e) visas. We will walk you through every step of the process so you and your family are legally united in the country.

Immigration for Military Members, Veterans and Family Members

Thousands of immigrants have served and continue to serve in the Armed Forces. The federal government recognizes the important sacrifices made by service members, veterans, enlistees, and their families. To support them, the U.S. citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) provides expedited citizenships, quick family reunifications and discretionary options like parole in place and deferred actions. If you or your family members have served in the Armed Forces, you may receive favorable and lenient immigration treatment. Our law firm proudly employs numerous immigration attorneys who are also veterans. Let us help you claim the immigration benefits you have earned with your military service.

Removal/Criminal Defense

Removal, commonly known as deportation, is a real threat to family members who have lived in the country for decades. There are many scenarios that can trigger removal proceedings in an immigration Court. One of the most common ones is being convicted of a crime. For example, an innocuous conviction such as smoking marijuana in a public place can have dire immigration consequences. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys will fight tooth and nail to prevent criminal convictions that lead to deportation.

If you are placed in removal proceedings, our experienced trial attorneys will argue forcefully and advocate zealously in Court to keep you from being deported. There are many paths to avoiding deportation, including:

  • 10 years of continuous presence in the United States
  • No convictions of crimes involving "moral turpitude"
  • Possession of good character
  • Extreme hardship to a family member

Naturalization Process

For many immigrants, becoming a U.S. Citizen is an honor and a once in a lifetime monumental achievement. It also represents the closing of a long and arduous journey, the immigration process. Our firm helps people throughout Colorado with the naturalization process. Applying for citizenship involves much more than just filling out and submitting a form. Our attorneys will assist you with determining eligibility, guarding against self-incriminating answers that may lead to deportation and educate you about your rights and responsibilities as a newly sworn citizen.

Temporary Visas

Temporary visas allow foreign residents to travel to the United States for a limited amount of time. A foreign resident may qualify for a temporary visa to study, work or just visit the United States.

Studying in the United States.

There are several different visas available to study in the United States temporarily. You may be eligible for an F-1 international student visa, an M-1 vocational training visa, or a J-1 student exchange program visa. Our firm will walk you through the process step-by- step so you secure the visa you qualify for.

Temporary Visas to Work in the United States.

Foreign residents may conduct business in the United States with the proper work visa.

Different types of visas include:

  • Business visitor-B-1 visa allows a foreign national to conduct business in the United States as a visitor.
  • Treaty traders E-1 is a temporary visa for foreign nationals of countries that have the requisite treaty with the U.S.
  • Treaty investors E-2 is a temporary visa for foreign nationals of a treaty country who have invested a substantial amount of capital in a U.S. business.
  • Australians in Specialty Occupations - E-3 visa allows Australian nationals to work in the U.S. provided they are planning to hold a professional position as well as having certain academic credentials.
  • Specialty Occupation Workers - H-1B is a temporary visa for foreign workers in a specialty occupation that requires a bachelor's degree or higher (or equivalent) in a specific specialty. H-1B visas are capped at 65,000 per year although some may be exempt.
  • Fast Track Singapore or Chilean Specialty Workers - H-1B1 visa is a more specific temporary visa than the H-1B. The H-1B1 visa is available to individuals who are nationals of Singapore or Chile and are planning to immigrate to the U.S. for a specialty professional position.
  • Temporary Agricultural Workers - H-2A is a non-immigrant visa for certain agricultural workers who are nationals of designated countries.
  • Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers - H-2B visa program allows U.S. employers to apply for a temporary, non-agricultural worker from a designated country to come to the U.S.
  • Exchange Visitors (e.g. Au Pairs) - J-1 visa program allows foreign national youths to be placed with host families in the U.S. to provide childcare and also an opportunity to learn English and emerge in the culture.
  • Company Transferees - L-1A and L-1B visa program allows a foreign company to transfer an employee to work at their U.S. subsidiary or affiliate. The employee transferring to the U.S. must have been employed in an executive or managerial position requiring specialized knowledge.

Visiting the United States.

In order for foreign residents to visit U.S. they must either obtain a visitor visa (B-2) or be a national from a country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Additionally, a Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitors - H-3 visa program allows foreign residents to come to the US for a special education or training program.

If you have questions regarding immigration, schedule a consultation with our attorneys today.

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