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At Cantafio & Song PLLC, we frequently encounter and handle cases involving the rights of parents. From helping parents obtain physical custody of their children to solving disagreements about a child’s education and religious upbringing, our legal team has years of experience dealing with parental rights laws in Colorado.

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How Are Parental Rights Defined in Colorado?

In the eyes of Colorado’s courts, children are the ones who have rights and parents have responsibilities to them that they must uphold. Parents have what courts call "parental responsibilities" and must allocate "parental time” in accordance with their child’s physical and emotional needs.

When parents have a dispute over custody of their children, the parent who is granted parental rights can spend time with the child, and has the right to decide on the type of education, religion, healthcare, and morals the child should have.

However, with parental rights comes responsibilities, like providing the children with clothing, food and shelter, healthcare, and all necessary child support.

How to Terminate Parental Rights in Colorado

The legal relationship between a parent and a child can be terminated in 3 ways:

  • The parent can voluntarily relinquish their parental rights.
  • If the parent has remarried, the child can be adopted by a stepparent.
  • The State of Colorado can bring a Dependency and Neglect action against the parent or parent’s

How to Relinquish Parental Rights in Colorado

There a number of reasons that might lead a parent to voluntarily decide to give up their parental rights. However, before a parent can give up their parental rights in Colorado, they have to first meet a certain set of conditions.

The relinquishment procedure in Colorado requires the parent who is trying to give up their rights to have counseling for both themselves and the child in question. In addition to this, there are other requirements and affidavits that are part of the relinquishment procedure. If the court doesn’t believe that a parent has sufficient understanding of the consequences of their request or if the court thinks the parent made the request under duress or pressure, the request for relinquishment can be denied.

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