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Whether you realize it or not, everyone has an estate. Many people assume that estate planning is for the wealthy and elderly. In reality, estate planning is for everyone. You might think, "But I don't have an estate!" You have an estate if you have a house, bank account, personal belongings, possessions, or any assets.

Planning is an anticipatory step designed to give you and your loved one peace of mind about the future. It does not matter if you pass away – it is a matter of when. Who do you want to receive your belongings and financial assets when you die? Yes, your state has inheritance laws governing how your assets will be disbursed, but they may exclude the people closest to you.

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What is Estate Planning?

Estate planning is a multi-faceted process that allows you to include instructions for your care if you become seriously ill or disabled before you pass away. How you want to be taken care of may reflect your personal and religious beliefs – your values. By providing instructions for your consideration, you can be sure that your wishes are respected.

Estate planning often involves establishing who has power of attorney for the parties involved and setting up provisions for any property, assets, and more. Oftentimes a living will be created, which has more information about what an individual would like to have to happen with their estate should they become permanently disabled. Estate planning is often difficult to discuss when creating wills and provisions after an individual passes away. But with an experienced attorney, this process can be smoothly helped along and handled efficiently and respectfully.

Estate Planning For a Disabled Beneficiary

If you have disabled or handicapped family members, you can plan your estate so that they receive the special care and attention they will need when you die or cannot continue caring for them. Planning your estate may also help the legal settling of your estate smoothly. Your family and loved ones will appreciate that you want to make the legal process following your death as easy as possible.

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We understand the importance of making arrangements for the future of the firm. Our experienced family law and estate planning attorneys can help you set up a will or living will to ensure your family is provided for, even in the case of divorce or remarriage. We understand that your priority is taking care of your family. We can help you through this confusing process so you feel comfortable knowing that your estate is taken care of in the event of a tragedy.

Many assume that estate planning is only for people with large estates and significant financial assets. However, even people with small estates should be mindful of the future because their families may have the least to lose in the event of a loved one's passing. If you have questions about estate planning and the future of your assets, talk to an attorney from Cantafio & Song PLLC today.

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