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Criminal accusations of child abuse are extremely serious, and just the accusation can have an extremely negative impact on your personal and professional life. These cases are frightening and emotionally charged, and they must be handled with skill and discretion. At Cantafio & Song PLLC, we have served the Colorado community for years and are recognized as a top criminal defense law firm with a long history of successful case results. We advise you to contact a Colorado criminal defense lawyer from our firm without delay if you are accused of any type of child abuse in Colorado. Your future is in danger, and every effort should be made to fight for your rights and protect your future freedom.

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Child Abuse, Neglect, and Molestation in Colorado

Children make accusations of abuse in some cases without a basis in truth. They can be influenced by another parent in a bitter divorce battle, and in some cases they may have been led to make accusations due to pressure from a social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Sadly, they are unaware that their efforts to please another person can lead to long-term permanent damage to the personal and professional reputation of their teacher, parent, or other person.

The details of your case and the basis upon which you were charged must be fully investigated to determine the best course of action for your defense. Whether you are innocent, your actions were exaggerated [no comma] or misconstrued, or if there were other factors that could be brought to light for your defense, we have the skills and experience to present your case to the court and fight for any possible advantage, including a full case dismissal.

Child abuse charges can be based upon the belief that you committed a sex crime such as molestation, were involved in any form of exploitation, or committed criminal acts involving child prostitution. There are also issues involving neglect, in which another person has reported that your child was suffering from a lack of proper food, shelter, or clothing, or is in some type of danger due to your activities or lack of care.

Injuries such as bruises, broken bones, or other physical injuries could be assumed to be the result of abuse, and medical personnel and teachers are required by law to report these injuries when they suspect that the child is suffering from abuse. This can put you and your family in a serious legal situation in which your children are removed from your care until you get the matter resolved. This terrifying scenario must be addressed by a professional with extensive experience.

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