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What is the Difference Between Vehicular Homicide & Vehicular Manslaughter?

Vehicular manslaughter refers to the unlawful killing of another human being with a car, truck, or other automobile. Like other forms of manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter does not necessitate aforethought or malicious intent. What does this mean? It means that the killing may have been an accident.

Vehicular homicide is committed when an individual is using a vehicle as a weapon, and it usually involves some form of gross negligence, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Because drunk driving is illegal, you may be charged with homicide even if you didn't mean to end the life of another person. These charges can carry extremely heavy consequences. Furthermore, your reputation will be forever marred by the presence of a manslaughter conviction on your record.

If you have been accused of vehicular homicide in Colorado, talk to an attorney from Cantafio & Song PLLC as soon as possible.

Penalties for Vehicular Homicide in Colorado

Vehicular homicide in Colorado is a serious charge. Penalties can include restitution, hefty fines, probation, community service, long prison sentences, drug or alcohol programs, and driving license suspension or revocation, as well as other consequences. Sentencing will be harsher if the driver has a prior record of drug or alcohol convictions.

Breath and blood tests may be administered to document the driver's blood-alcohol content (BAC), and the prosecution will rely on the test results to gain a conviction if the driver's BAC is either shown to be over the limit or drugs present. When the stakes are this high, you want a DUI defense lawyer on your side who is an aggressive and formidable trial lawyer to help you with your defense and ensure your constitutional rights are not "trampled on" by an overzealous prosecutor.

Finding the Right Vehicular Homicide Attorney in Colorado

At Cantafio & Song PLLC, we understand the stress and uncertainty of facing a criminal charge. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol may result in a serious criminal conviction, and ending the life another human being while driving drunk could change your life forever. We are dedicated to fighting for the rights and freedom of our clients. Every year, innocent people are accused of crimes; that's why we want to help you stay out of jail.

If you are facing a criminal conviction, you have the right to a high-quality, dedicated DUI attorney. Vehicular manslaughter is a serious crime and could lead to serious penalties – even six years in prison. If your vehicular manslaughter charge is accompanied by other allegations, you face an even stricter sentencing.

Talk to an attorney from our firm today if you need help fighting allegations of vehicular homicide in Colorado.

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