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In the United States, “domestic violence” is defined as any pattern of behavior used to gain or maintain control over an intimate partner. The term "intimate partner" refers to housemates, roommates, family members, dating partners, or other close acquaintances.

You might think that domestic violence is only committed between husbands and wives. This is false. Domestic violence can occur between individuals in any domestic relationship. People of all races, sexes, and socioeconomic backgrounds are affected by domestic violence.

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What Usually Happens in a Domestic Violence Case?

In a domestic violence case, the accused can face a protective order as well as potential penalties if convicted. Some of these penalties can include:

  • Jail time
  • Counseling
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Protective Order

If convicted, you could also lose your rights to have firearms. Because of the severity of the potential penalties you can face in a domestic violence case, it is important that you retain a skilled domestic violence attorney in Colorado to defend you.

Have You Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

At Cantafio & Song PLLC, our domestic violence lawyers in Colorado understand that domestic abuse is a serious threat to the health and safety of people all over the United States. We also know that being accused of domestic violence and being convicted are very different. In the heat of an emotional argument, partners may make wild accusations. Hurt, anger, or petty feelings of bitterness could easily drive a spouse, dating partner, child, roommate, or other individual to accuse you of a crime. Domestic violence is not a charge on its own. It is an enhanced charge that is given to any violent crime that occurs between two people in a domestic setting.

This means that you can be charged with domestic violence in regard to assault, harassment, stalking - even homicide. Generally, domestic violence goes hand-in-hand with spousal-abuse or child-abuse allegations. At Cantafio & Song PLLC, we want you to remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, and as your Colorado domestic violence attorneys it is our job to protect that innocence. If you are facing domestic abuse allegations and don't know where to turn, you've come to right place. We are ready to help people who have been wrongfully accused of crimes. Abuse is never okay – but neither are false accusations.

If you are facing charges, contact a Colorado domestic violence attorney from our firm to start discussing your defense.

Types of Domestic Abuse in Colorado

Domestic abuse comes in many forms. The three most basic forms of domestic violence are:

Emotionally abusive individuals may call victims names and attempt to insult them incessantly. By continually criticizing, acting possessively, or stalking their victims, emotional abusers tear down the self-esteem of people close to them in an effort to gain control. Emotional may go unnoticed, but it is often characterized by specific habits. For instance, an emotionally abusive spouse may not want his/her husband/wife to work. Why? Without an income, the victim is financially dependent on the abuser. This is a form of control.

Physical abuse is less convoluted and easier to identify. Physically abusive individuals may damage victims' property by punching walls, kicking doors, and throwing objects. They may bite, kick, slap, or choke their victims, or they might attempt to scare victims by driving dangerously. Physical abusers have been known to trap their victims at home or abandon children (and other victims) in dangerous or unfamiliar places. All of these situations are used to intimidate victims so that their abusers have more power over them.

Sexual abusers may objectify women and follow unrealistically strict gender roles. If a partner constantly accuses his/her significant other of cheating or is jealous of outside family and friend relationships, he/she may be sexually abusive. Partners that demand sex, are physically violent during sex, or attempt to insult their partners in sexually demeaning ways are considered sexually abusive. Additionally, abusers may be manipulative and controlling.

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