Arts & Entertainment Attorneys


Our award-winning arts and entertainment attorneys are passionate about helping you as an artist or creative business to protect your works and focus on what you do best. Whether you are an emerging artist or established creative, we strive to work collaboratively with you to help make the legal process manageable and less overwhelming. We’ll help you understand what needs to happen first so you can prioritize needs and stay on budget.


We excel at helping you, no matter what your expressive outlet!

  • Visual Artists and Sculptors
  • Performance Artists in Dance, Theater, Spoken Word, Circus Arts, and On-Screen
  • Authors and Bloggers
  • Gallery Owners
  • Photographers, Videographers, and Cinematographers
  • DJs and VJs
  • Event and Content Producers
  • Emerging Artists
  • Musicians and Bands
  • Graphic Designers
  • Hobbyists
  • Filmmakers
  • Film and TV Producers


Together we have more than 35 years of combined experience counseling artists, producers, and nonprofits. And, we dedicate our personal time to the arts, as well. We are involved in these organizations, and more:

  • Colorado Attorneys for the Arts
  • Oregon Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
  • Post5 Theater in Portland
  • Apogaea, Colorado’s Regional Burning Man event
  • Art in Community, Inc.
  • Boulder Fringe Festival
  • Denver Regional Fund
  • Willamette Writers Conference

Full Service

We are here for your full range of legal needs. Where should we start?

  • Arts Law
  • TV and Film Production
  • Customized Business Contracts for Clients and Contractors
  • Nonprofit Administration and Investigations
  • Intellectual Property—copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity and privacy
  • Event Production Law
  • Fiscal Sponsorship and Investor Relations
  • Contract Negotiation and Review
  • Collections Matters
  • Contract Disputes
  • Entity Formation, Transition, and Dissolution
  • Business Law
  • Licensing


We are available to answer your questions—no question is too basic. We know that you want to rest easy at night, so we’ll explain your contracts and deals in terms you understand. We’ll help you cut through the overwhelm and understand what needs to be done to propel you forward with your project. And, we’ll always fight to protect your creative works.


Legal services may be less expensive than you think—ask us about our package rates!