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Feldmann Nagel Cantafio PLLC, provides dedicated representation to individuals in legal matters of all types. Our firm possesses a team of highly trained Denver lawyers who are committed to meeting our clients' diverse legal needs, and producing results in the form of major litigation victories.

We urge you to contact our office if you require legal assistance in the following areas:

Cannabis Law: Marijuana law pertains to a myriad of legal issues, including administrative and regulatory matters, investment strategies, business structuring, and criminal defense. For an in-depth look at our firm’s marijuana law practice, click here.

Business & Commercial Law: Business and commercial law refers to a broad range of legal areas, including business, commerce, the formation and management of business entities, consumer transactions, corporate transactions, the purchase and sale of businesses, and choice of entity.

Family Law: Family law encompasses any legal issue having to do with the family unit, including divorce with kids, divorce without kids, collaborative divorce, adoption, legal separation, prenuptial agreements, paternity, custody, child support, assets & debt division, gay & lesbian issues, grandparent rights & visitation, military divorce, post decree matters, and mediation.

Immigration Law: Family-based immigration is one of the most common pathways toward becoming a permanent resident and a U.S. citizen. Permanent residents and citizens can petition for certain family members such as spouses, children, siblings and parents to become green card holders. The process of petitioning for a visa or adjustment of status for your family member can be challenging considering the complex nature of immigration laws.

Bankruptcy Law: When faced with financial difficulties or crisis, it can be troubling when taking the initial steps of claiming bankruptcy. Our firm's expertise can help guide you through different types of claims, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, Chapter 13, support in filing for bankruptcy, representation during the process, and advisement and guidance for life after bankruptcy.

Oil & Gas Law: Oil & gas law encompasses issues of acquisition and ownership rights in oil and gas, both before discovery (still under the soil) and after its capture. It can involve disputes related to failures to sell oil in a manner pursuant to a lease agreement, failures to pay landowners pursuant to a lease agreement, improper management of leases, and negligent operations of mining.

Civil Litigation: Civil litigation refers to legal disputes between two or more parties who are seeking specific performance or monetary damages, as opposed to criminal sanctions. Law firms who provide civil litigation services do so in hearings, arbitrations mediations, and trials that are held before administrative agencies and local, state and federal courts.

Pro Hac Vice: Pro Hac Vice is a Latin phrase meaning "for this one particular occasion." It refers to an out-of-state attorney who is given special permission to provide legal services in a particular case, even though that attorney is not licensed to practice in the state in which the case is taking place.

Arts & Entertainment Law: Our arts & entertainment attorneys understand the specific needs of artists, creative businesses and nonprofits. This area of law can include protecting and licensing copyrights and trademarks, contract negotiation, entity formation, and general business considerations.

Estate Planning & Probate: Estate planning refers to the legal steps people take to make sure that their wishes regarding their property and health care are honored in the event of their death. These wishes are typically carried out through the establishment of wills and trusts. Probate is the process in which a deceased person's affairs are settled, and this process typically takes place in a court.

Workers' Compensation: Workers' compensation refers to a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and income replacement for workers who are injured while performing their job duties. In order to receive workers' compensation, employees must relinquish the right to sue their employers in the event that their injuries are brought about as a result of employer negligence.

Employment Law: Employment law, or labor law, refers to the collection of statutory laws, administrative rulings, and legal precedents that relate to the employer/employee relationship. A firm providing legal representation in employment law cases can assist in matters that include wrongful termination, wage claims, employee discrimination or harassment, and medical and family leave.

Real Estate: Real estate law encompasses all legal matters relating to real estate, such as sales, purchases, and other transfers involving real estate; rights and interests in real estate and homeowners' rights; property development; foreclosures and home loans; and zoning and land use.

Foreclosure: Foreclosure involves a mortgage lender seizing a property from a borrower. This process occurs when the borrower is no longer able to make payments towards the mortgage. A number of defenses may be employed to help one avoid home foreclosure, including working with the lender to obtain a loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu.

Construction Law: Construction law addresses any and all legal matters related to construction, such as land use regulation, homeowners' associations, mechanic's liens, development and subdivision planning, construction contract negotiations and disputes, change orders, design errors and omissions, and soils and materials issues.

Criminal Defense: This branch of law encompasses crimes. It includes the prosecution, defense, and sentencing of individuals who have been charged with the commission of criminal offenses, such as violent crimes, assault, domestic violence, white collar crimes, federal crimes, sex crimes, and internet sex crimes.

Intellectual Property: Intellectual property law includes acquisition and enforcement of copyrights, trademarks and service marks, trade secrets, and patents. Our goal is to proactively protect your intellectual property and deal swiftly with any potential infringements.

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In any legal matter of consequence, it is recommended that you seek out an attorney who can represent you in your case. Our country's legal system is vast and complex, and if you do not possess considerable knowledge regarding how the system works, you may become lost very quickly, thereby reducing your chances of securing the desired result in your case. An attorney can bring skill and experience to your cases in an effort to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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