"Ralph has been accommodating, an excellent communicator, and really supportive. He ensures that we fully understand every angle of his approach and recommendations. His follow through and success with every aspect of our legal needs has been exceptional. I confidently recommend Ralph Cantafio and his team for legal representation." undefined -Leslie M, 2019

"Caroline Kert was absolutely amazing on every level. Her attentiveness, help, knowledge and ability to reach out to experts was amazing. Our issue was resolved quickly and immediately. Caroline was so kind and friendly. I was very happy to have been granted the chance to work with her. I would absolutely do it again." undefined -Greg S, 2019

"Jennifer Hayden made a difficult and upsetting situation much easier for me and negotiated a very fair conclusion." Five Stars, would recommend. undefined

-Anonymous Satisfied Client, 2019

"I pretty much haven't needed to do anything except follow my suggestions from Jennifer Hayden. I would recommend her!" undefined -Martine N, 2019

"I never thought I would need an attorney, but Walker was very professional, trusting, and put up with me. Throughout the whole process he was always easy to communicate with. Everyone in your office has treated me and my wife really well!" undefined

-Anonymous Satisfied Client, 2019

"James has been the most knowledgeable and attentive attorney I've ever worked with. He saw me through my initial divorce and now with my ongoing high conflict custody litigation, James continues to impress me with his pro-active approach to my case. Although he's a straight shooter and plays hard ball in court, James' compassion when dealing with delicate and emotionally charged situations, (children and family issues), truly demonstrates he's got his heart in the right place. I feel reassured knowing that James is at the helm regarding my family law matters. If you need a heavy hitter in court with a soft touch regarding the best interest of your case, then James is your man!" - Scott

"Mr. Charles Feldmann saved my life. I was facing a court martial for a positive random urinalysis. He is the most down to earth, unpretentious lawyer and put me immediately at ease. He was always two steps ahead of the United States government and managed to save my career. I owe him everything, especially now since I am going through a divorce. I couldn't imagine not having the successful outcome afforded to me by Mr. Feldmann and being able to provide for my children at this critical time in my life. My divorce attorney is going to have some pretty big shoes to fill. Thank you Mr. Feldmann, Ms. Harper Louden and team! Forever grateful." - Michelle

"Jim and Jennifer: I just wanted to take a moment and thank you guys both for working so hard on my draining case. I know this is not ideal for you guys, but I truly do appreciate all your efforts and time spent on it. I’m in contact with a lot of people, and I'm happy to reference you both to everyone." - Laurie E.

"I feel blessed to have found Mr. Feldmann. I know his representation is worth way more than I paid, and I am so grateful that he chose to represent the military for such reasonable costs. I would lose my entire life (career, license) if it wasn't for his representation." - Anonymous by Request

" I wanted to reach out to you and express my utmost gratitude for the work you have done on our custody case. In any event, the scenario between my ex-husband and me has always been unconventional, however, at the moment when I was in desperate need of a backbone and knowledge, you were there. In the midst of a custody case, it seems that time just creeps by and a matter of weeks feels like a year and all along the way you have been available as a sounding board, a supportive force, and most of all our child's bulldog.

I have never felt fully divorced. No matter how much I longed for a new normal there was no way to establish that because of a constant and lingering custody issue. From our first conversation in February, it seemed that our custody issue was your only issue and you never faltered on doing what was best for our child. Jim, I have no idea how many cases you work on, however, I do know that I might as well be your only case because that was the type of attention I felt like we received. From late night phone calls, to weekend questions and even working on a Friday evening, during nice weather, you have been the heartbeat of our case when we needed you, not when it was convenient.

Our custody case is probably not the messiest or the most ugly you've ever seen, however, to me it has been the hardest part of life because it is my life. To have the opportunity to be a Mother is the greatest thing I ever did and that will never change. The normal life that we are about to embark on, through none other than an unconventional idea, is the greatest and most valuable gift I've gotten since being divorced. I finally feel 100% divorced, I feel free of my ex-husband's poor decisions, and most importantly I feel that I am able to protect the childhood of a little child who deserves the best. This child is very much aware of who "our" lawyer" is and how much he has worked to fix the situation. My voice has been my child's voice and you heard it and have honored that from day one. You are not just a decent lawyer, you are an excellent lawyer. One who hears clients, assertively articulates for them and is sensitive to the part where this isn't just another case, but someone's life. You have given us our lives back, Jim, and there will never be enough appreciative gestures to thank you for that." - JL

"Julia recently represented our son at trial. She did an excellent job. She was quick on her feet and was able to easily repute anything thrown at her. Julie was never lost for words and was quickly able to defend him. Julia truly cared about our family and spent time after hours working with our son and our family to make sure she did the best job she could. Julia was able to help our family through this tough time and ensured our son was not wrongly accused. We could not have gone through this time without her. She was much more than an attorney, you can tell it is not a job to her, it is her passion." - Bruce and Bobbi

"My experience with Feldman-Nagel was a very positive one. Charles Feldmann represented my active duty military son in a court martial overseas. From the first conversation that I had with Charles my apprehension and fears were largely reduced. Charles was professional yet very personable and approachable. He assured me that he had the experience and the passion to represent my son. Upon hearing the verdict at the conclusion of the trial I knew that he was being honest with me in that my son was found innocent! Thank you Charles Feldman!" - Frank M.

"My son was living in Colorado and was facing some tough consequences for poor choices he had made. From Tennessee I interviewed a few attorneys over the phone and decided upon using Elizabeth Wittemyer at your firm. I chose her because of her experience with successful outcomes of other adolescent drug addiction cases she had handled, the sincere compassion she showed for the situation my son was facing, and her recommendation for seeking a resolution that would allow my son to receive therapy and rehabilitation so he could move forward with his life without any more legal issues. Elizabeth is an excellent listener and really worked hard to uncover all of the facts and put a plan together quickly. She was always very responsive to my questions and provided a lot of great suggestions for things I could do from my end to help as well. The cost was very reasonable. She was able to get the best possible outcome for my son. I feel like she gave me my son back. I will forever be grateful for all she did for us. I highly recommend her without any hesitation!" - Laurie H

"Our family is doing just fine... thanks to you! You were my sound / fair/ real voice... through it all!" - Elisabeth P.

“I am writing you this long overdue letter in regard to the work of Lisa S. Greenberg and Jennifer Workman. Our daughter married a man and endured all sorts of emotional and financial abuse, was raped and had to seek help and refuge in a safe house. She was appointed an attorney to commence divorce proceedings. However this attorney was unable to manage the case. She had entered the country legally, but during the marriage that status expired so she was an illegal immigrant. The first attorney resigned and Jennifer and Lisa took on the case. I am writing is to commend these two attorneys and to applaud your firm for your insight in hiring such talented, capable, hardworking and dedicated young women. Lisa and Jennifer worked tirelessly - putting in long hours and did whatever it took to help the case. They emailed and even Skyped to pass on information. These two attorneys went far above and beyond the call of duty and in the most professional and compassionate way. Our entire family is deeply indebted to them. We bless them and thank them from the bottom of our hearts. We would also like to thank your firm as a whole for supporting the work Lisa and Jennifer do and encouraging them. Your firm should be most proud to have two such wonderful staff." – A Thankful Mother

"Jim, thank you so much for all that you have done for my son and I. You are the best!!!! Thank you to all of your staff as well. Without them we could not have done this. You are all amazing and the best at what you do. I love each and every one of you!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! God Bless you all." Tiffany M.

"This firm continuously comes to the rescue for our family. Their prompt action and reasonable fees are second to none. The legal advice is always appreciated and we are treated with the utmost respect." Heather and Peter S.

"I am very satisfied with Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC's understanding of legal issues and expertise. They dealt with my issue with professionalism and integrity. I felt this was a good value for the fees paid." Jeff Z.

"David Nagel understood my legal issue and I am very impressed with how effectively and promptly he dealt with it.” Nancy S.

“Thank you so much! You are awesome; could not be happier.” -Ken

"It is just starting to sink in for me how far we came today and I wanted to thank you. I really appreciate your insight and determination to get me to a number that was fair and, honestly, I don’t think I could be happier with the result. Please give my best to Chandra as I know she did so much for me as well. I know we have a ways to go but I feel like we are in a great place moving forward and I am grateful for the work that you guys have done on my behalf." -Shael

"A quick thank you. Glad you were there for a steadying influence and to hear him say no suspension otherwise I'm not sure I would believe it." -Anonymous

"Ralph helped me through a very difficult time of resolving my dad’s estate & our seriously complicated ownership issues for my family’s mineral rights that were never dealt with from the 80’s. This process and its complexity, was almost impossible to deal with and was very emotional for me. His compassionate attention to me on a personal level during such a challenging time, was something so unexpected from a lawyer. Not ever having met him, I truly felt as though I had a friend watching my back. Not to mention the fact that he performed what seemed like a miracle by obtaining me everything I wanted and needed from the legal system. Several years have gone by now since this unforgettably positive experience with Ralph and as I enjoy the benefits of my royalties, I think of his kindness often and even to this day, he still treats me like a friend. His skill as a lawyer combined with his humanity are so rare and he was then and will always be my family’s hero! Thank you Ralph." -Rosie

"Ralph has handled a few issues for me over the last few years. His attention to detail is impeccable and has made the difference for me in my dealings with his firm. Never late for a call or appointment, respectful of my time, and on point in every aspect of my case. I found Ralph to be focused, friendly, and a great advocate. Ralph Cantafio is a great choice if you need counsel. Enough said." -Tim

"Ralph and his great team have been our families trusted attorney for many years. His firm has always gone above and beyond in understanding and meeting our legal needs. Ralph Cantafio is respected by everyone in the community as an attorney, in business and also as a person. I would highly recommend him to anyone no matter what the issue. His knowledge and experience sets him above and beyond the competition!" -Michelle

"Ralph has represented my husband and my businesses for 5 years. He has guided us through multiple business transactions with effective, concise and productive negotiations. One of the many reasons we continue to retain Ralph for legal services is that we feel we get honest value in the time spent on our projects. His negotiations are direct, fair and produce results. We intend to rely on Ralph for legal services for many years to come." -Katy

“I was being audited by the Department of Labor for six months and could not get to a resolution point. After hiring Caroline Kert, the investigator had to direct all questions and calls through her, which allowed me to still run my small business. Caroline Kert worked directly with the investigator to get it resolved efficiently, timely and ultimately with the decision that I was looking for. I cannot thank her enough for her efforts to get my matter resolved.” -Relieved Business Owner

“I retained Ms. Kert to resolve a business dispute (with significant legal implications) between my company and the property manager of our manufacturing facility. Caroline provided clear legal analysis during the initial consultation, followed up with multiple options toward resolution with the other party, and kept me apprised of the possible outcomes as we moved forward. After a series of back and forth communications with the other party, the matter was effectively settled without extensive litigation, and without interruption of our business operation. For innumerable reasons, hiring Ms. Kert has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you.“ –Small Business Owner

“I’m an independent design consultant, and I retain Caroline Kert to interpret and negotiate client contracts regarding intellectual property. I’m inexperienced with legal matters, and Caroline is very good at translating the “legalese” that is often sent to me, as well as helping me understand current IP law as it applies to my work. She has also created some great legal documents of my own that give me peace of mind when I enter into business relationships. She is very efficient and quick to respond, I strongly recommend her.“ –Independent Design Consultant

"Attentive and strategic lawyer." -Anonymous

"Caroline Kert is a knowledgeable and passionate lawyer who works with her clients on conflict resolution. She is accessible and attentive. I highly recommend her to individuals in the Denver/Boulder area. Excellent lawyer!" -Eric

"I worked with Caroline in the context of a non-profit organization and later used her to support a trial. I found Caroline to be intelligent, capable, and reasonable throughout our work together. I would highly recommend Caroline to anyone searching for an attorney or mediator." -Anonymous