Colorado Mediation Attorneys

Know the Benefits of Mediation

Mediation is an effective form of alternative dispute resolution that enables the parties to negotiate a settlement to resolves their disputes outside the courtroom. In mediation proceedings, a neutral third party speaks with each party individually as they attempt to compromise.

The cost of mediation is significantly less than litigation, and mediation takes place in a much more casual, lower pressure setting than in court. Having an attorney represent you at the mediation, however, increases the likelihood that you will resolve the issues, and resolve those issues more favorably to you.

If you or a loved one is interested in mediation services in the Denver area, contact an attorney from Cantafio Feldmann Nagel to represent you during this negotiation. Our lawyers will be able to explain the entire mediation process to you, help you determine what you wish to accomplish with mediation, whether mediation would best suit your needs, and arrange professional mediation services where they will represent you and your interests.

Our firm's top priority is to help you define your legal goals, then through outstanding service and aggressive representation, we help you achieve those goals.

Do you have questions about mediation or feel that mediation may be right for you? Contact a Colorado divorce attorney at our firm today!