Domestic Violence in Colorado

Colorado Orders of Protection

If you or someone you care about is the victim of domestic violence in Colorado, child abuse or any other abuse, taking legal action can help protect against further threats or injuries. Our legal team at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio PLLC will act immediately to put in place a Civil Protection Order. While this legal action cannot ensure that an abusive individual does not violate the order, it does give law enforcement the authority to take the person into custody if he or she does. This legal pressure can control a dangerous situation and protect you from harm from an abusive spouse or domestic partner.

Domestic Violence and Protection Orders in Colorado

Colorado has procedures in place to obtain Emergency Protection Orders, Temporary Protection Orders and Permanent Protection Orders (which last up to 4 years).

Any person who is in the state of Colorado can request an Emergency Protection Order. There are no venue requirements to obtain the same. In order to obtain a Temporary Protection Order, one must file the same in the county where the acts occurred, where one of the parties lives or where one of the parties works.

The moving party must demonstrate that an imminent danger exists to the person or persons seeking protection. The Court shall not deny a Protection Order because of the length of time between an act of abuse or threat of harm and the filing of the petition for a protection order.

If the Court grants a Temporary Protection Order, the court must set it for hearing within 14 days. The moving party is required to serve the Temporary Protection Order on the Respondent.

At the hearing to determine if the Temporary Protection Order shall be made permanent, the Petitioner must prove by a preponderance of the evidence (51%) that the Respondent has committed acts constituting grounds for the issuance of a civil protection order and that unless restrained, will continue to commit such act or acts designed to intimidate or retaliate against the protected person. A finding of imminent danger to the protected person is not necessary for the issuance of a Permanent Protection Order.

Further, the Court can address temporary issues such as care and custody of the minor children of the parties and/or enter a Temporary Injunction prohibiting the Respondent from ceasing to make payments for mortgage or rent, insurance, utilities or related services, transportation or child care. Further, the Court can restrain the Respondent from disposing of personal effects and real property.

If you are in danger of domestic violence in Colorado, the Courts of Colorado are here to protect you.Please contact the Domestic Team at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio PLLC for help obtaining a Protection Order or for any of your Family Law needs.

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence includes any repeated, abusive action intended to gain or maintain control or power over another individual. Domestic violence and abuse may be hard to identify – such as repeated criticism or name calling. In some cases, abuse is inflicted physically. Physical abusers may inflict physical harm such as biting, kicking, slapping, or choking. Sometimes, domestic violence escalates to a level that places victims in imminent danger –under these circumstances, the victim should take legal action to protect himself or herself against further abuse.

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Whether you need an order of protection, or have been served one, it is crucial you have legal counsel to manage and resolve the issue. Those experiencing the threat of injury or emotional abuse must be protected. When children are involved, the issue becomes even more important. Our firm has the experience and dedication you need when trying to deal with a domestic violence issue.

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