Colorado White Collar Crime Lawyers

Fighting Accusations of White Collar Crimes in Colorado

White-collar crime describes criminal activities that are nonviolent in nature and generally serve to provide some financial gain to the alleged offender. If you are facing white-collar criminal charges, or if you have been called to testify at a Grand Jury hearing, we can help. With dedication and determination, our trial attorneys bring the firepower necessary to produce superior results.

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Mug ShotTheft and Embezzlement
Theft is a broad classification of crimes involving taking personal property without the consent of the owner and for the benefit of the offender. Embezzlement is a white-collar form of theft that involves an employee taking from an employer. Embezzlement and other forms of theft often involve fraud, such as wire fraud and mail fraud.

Money Laundering and Extortion
Money laundering involves money that was obtained through illegal activities being concealed and put back into the financial system to cover up its origin. Extortion is the taking of money or property by means of intimidation or threats of physical harm.

Organized Crime
Organized crime describes the actions of structured groups of individuals that carry out illegal activities. Organized crime can be associated with a number of criminal offenses, including various forms of racketeering and fraud.

Tax Evasion
Tax evasion is the purposeful misrepresentation of income to avoid paying the full amount of taxes due to the state or Federal government. This can include understating income, failing to report certain financial gains and other methods of deception punishable as federal crimes.

Intellectual Property Fraud in Colorado
Intellectual property fraud describes crimes including trademark, patent, copyright and trade secret violations. Counterfeiting or pirating ideas, inventions, literary and artistic works, images, designs, and other works qualifies as intellectual property fraud.

We recommend speaking with a Colorado white collar crime attorney before you talk to investigators about the case, as you run the risk of making incriminating statements against yourself.

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