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Due to the potential to inflict both physical and financial harm inherent in the act, burglary is considered a serious offense and carries heavy penalties in our state. Burglary entails the illegal entry into a building or locked container with the intent to commit a further crime. Individuals charged with burglary often force entry into a locked building or container in order to steal from or assault another individual.

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Consequences of a Burglary Conviction

The severity of the penalties one can receive for a guilty burglary conviction depends heavily on the intent behind the burglary, along with other circumstances. Burglary charges fall under three classifications:

  • Third-Degree Burglary occurs when an individual has broken into a vault, safe, or other locked container in order to commit theft. This type of burglary is a Class-Five Felony, punishable with up to three years behind bars.
  • Second-Degree Burglary involves breaking into a building with the intent to steal or assault an individual inside. If the building you broke into was a business or other commercial or industrial property, you could be convicted of a Class-Four Felony. If the building was a home or dwelling, you could face the heightened consequences of a Class-Three Felony.
  • First-Degree Burglary occurs when an individual succeeds in injuring or seriously threatening another individual while entering the building, while inside, or while fleeing. This offense is a Class-Three Felony that could land you in prison for four to twelve years. If your crime involved the theft of controlled substances, you could face the more severe penalties of a Class-Two Felony.

Considering that the harshness of your sentence depends so heavily on the circumstances of the alleged crime, it is crucial to hire a Colorado burglary attorney who can fight the accusations against you and work towards reducing your sentence. At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, we pride ourselves on the major litigation victories our attorneys have won for our clients in the past.

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