Internet Sex Crime Attorneys in Colorado

Protect Your Rights


The use of the internet has allowed us access to endless streams of information, but it also poses serious risks. Families with children or computers that are easily accessible to many can have illegal information on the hard drive from various searches from multiple individuals. When accused of any internet sex crime, you must ensure that you protect your rights and take action to avoid a conviction. With the passage of House Bill 09-1163, the penalties for internet sex crimes involving children were increased, and any transfer of sexually explicit material to a child under the age of 14 by internet or other electronic media is charged as a 4th-degree felony.

The laws have also changed with regard to minimum penalties for certain sex crimes, and extensive prison time is often mandatory in a conviction. A Colorado criminal defense lawyer from our firm should be contacted without delay if you are accused of an internet sex crime.

Strategies for Avoiding Conviction

At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, our legal team has represented clients facing charges related to internet sex crimes successfully. We have powerful and respected resources to call upon to support our case for the defense, including forensic computer experts. When a variety of individuals has access to a computer, phone, laptop, or other electronic device, it cannot be utterly confirmed which party accessed or sent the material; under certain circumstances, it is also possible to "plant" illegal material on the hard drive of a computer. No matter what the situation is, we can carefully comb through all the evidence and identify all the best possibilities to defend your case.

Our firm is peer-review rated as preeminent in criminal law, and we have gained a reputation as a powerhouse defense firm with many impressive verdicts for our clients. We advise that you contact us as early as possible after your arrest – getting involved early allows us to take certain defense actions and possibly have your charges dismissed.