Expungement & Record Sealing in Colorado

Clean Up Your Criminal Record with an Attorney’s Counsel

In this tough and highly competitive job market, a clear criminal history may be the difference between getting a job you deserve and a job for which you have to settle. The successful sealing of criminal and court records prevents anyone - except the court and police - from accessing those records.

Many people are under the false impression that simply because the criminal case against them was dismissed or never filed after their arrest, or they were acquitted at trial, that their criminal history is "clean." That is not true. If you were arrested - or in many situations simply charged - your criminal record likely still contains details about your case.

Sealing Criminal RecordsThe attorneys at Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC are experienced in protecting privacy rights and clearing the names of eligible individuals. You need a skilled lawyer to assist you in this complex process. Not every individual is eligible to have their case sealed or expunged, although most juvenile delinquency cases are eligible.

People who may qualify to have all police and court records sealed and possibly expunged include:

  • Those who have had charges against them dismissed
  • Those who have successfully completed a deferred judgment and sentence or diversion program
  • Those who have been acquitted of charges through exceptional legal representation
  • Those who have been wrongfully accused of a crime

Expungement Attorney in All Counties in Colorado, including Denver

Sealing criminal records can be a complex process and is rarely easy. If you believe you may be eligible, contact the attorneys at our firm to begin the process, and our experienced attorneys will file the necessary legal documents to seal your records. Successfully removing these records from your criminal history means that anyone - such as a potential employer - who inquires about your criminal history will be told there is "no such record for that person."

Sealing Criminal Records in Colorado

Individuals who are eligible for sealing their criminal records:

  • Arrested, but no charges were filed
  • Charges were dismissed, either outright, or as a part of a plea bargain
  • Acquitted, or found not guilty, after a trial
  • The case was dismissed for a guilty plea in another case
  • Adjudicated (a juvenile conviction) as a juvenile delinquent

Certain low-level misdemeanor and felony drug offenses are eligible to be sealed. If you were convicted of a drug charge more than ten years ago, contact one of our experienced attorneys for a case evaluation to determine whether you are eligible for expungement.