Drug Possession Attorney in Colorado

In the state of Colorado, as with the rest of the country, drug-related offenses are prosecuted severely with little regard shown to the individuals accused of these crimes. According to the law, drugs are considered highly dangerous and harmful to the population.

In our state, if a law enforcement officer finds even a small amount of illegal drugs in your possession, you could face stiff fines, possible jail time, and the difficulties associated with having a criminal record. If you have been caught with illegal drugs in your possession, you should not hesitate to contact a criminal defense attorney. With the help of our powerhouse defense team, you can fight the charges that have been leveled against you.

The Negative Consequences of a Criminal Record

The severity of the consequences associated with a drug possession conviction rests heavily on the type and quantity of the drugs found in your possession. Some of the more serious drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, carry very heavy legal consequences. Even if law enforcement officers catch you with even a small quantity of these substances, you could face years in state prison. While less severely regulated drug, like marijuana, carry lesser penalties; these penalties can still have a significantly negative impact on your life. A possession charge will land you with a criminal record that will make finding a good job and qualifying for housing or bank loans exceedingly difficult.

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A creative and experienced Colorado drug possession lawyer will greatly increase your chances of avoiding the negative consequences of a drug possession conviction. At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio PLLC, we know how damaging a drug possession conviction can be. Our Steamboat Springs drug possession lawyers are all highly experienced and well versed in the laws and how to best defend a case in court. In the past, our firm has successfully handled a wide variety of drug possession cases. We are proud to be able to apply our decades of knowledge and experience to helping our clients defend themselves against the odds associated with these kinds of cases.

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