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The Impact of a Drug Distribution Conviction in Coloraod

It is no secret that the laws and regulations governing illegal drugs and controlled substances are never lenient on the individuals accused of a drug-related crime. Drug crimes carry severe penalties that can have numerous negative consequences on all aspects of your life. Depending on the circumstances, you could face large fines, lengthy prison sentences, irreparable damage to your criminal record, and the inability to hold certain professional licenses. If you have been arrested or charged with a drug-distribution offense, it is essential to seek out a Colorado drug distribution attorney immediately. A skilled attorney can fight on your behalf to have your charges dropped or your sentence reduced.

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About Drug Distribution Charges

Drug DistributionAn individual may be charged with drug distribution under various circumstances. In some cases, an individual may have a significant quantity of a drug but no intention of selling those drugs to other people. Because law enforcement officers have no way of proving that you had no intention to sell these drugs, though, they will most likely automatically charge you with distribution, in addition to possession charges. This charge rests heavily on the type and quantity of drugs found in your possession. If even a small amount of certain controlled substances, such as heroin or cocaine, is found on you, you could be facing federal charges and years behind bars.

Help with Drug Charges in Colorado

At Feldmann Nagel Cantafio & Song PLLC, our lawyers are well versed in the laws surrounding drug distribution cases. All of our Colordo drug distribution attorneys are highly experienced and dedicated to helping our clients face these serious charges. Over the years, our firm has received both local and national media attention for our past successes in the courtroom. No matter what the circumstances of your case may be, we can help you through these tough and difficult times. We will fight on your behalf to help minimize the potential damage you could face in a conviction.

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