Types of Crime: Battery

Colorado Battery Laws

A battery offense is considered a very serious charge under Colorado law. Battery charges occur when an individual has used violent physical force against the body of another person. Battery charges differ from assault charges in that they have escalated to the point of inflicting intentional physical harm.

The consequences of a battery conviction can be severe and lifelong depending on the specifics of the circumstances. In order to defend yourself against the repercussions that result from a battery charge, you will need the assistance of a qualified Colorado battery defense attorney.

Legal Representation in a Battery Case

There are a wide number of battery charges that can be leveled against you. Many times these charges are much more severe than the actual events that transpired. Your battery charge can be elevated to a federal offense in some specific cases, such as when the crime involved a deadly weapon, occurred on federal property, or was committed against a child, a federal law enforcement officer, or other government official.

Due to the potentially life-changing sentences often handed out to violent offenders, the possibility for exaggeration of the charges requires that you seek legal guidance through these difficult situations.

Protecting Your Rights and Your Future in All Counties in Colorado

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We cannot ensure you any particular outcome in your battery case; however, we can promise you an unmatched level of experience in endeavoring to achieve the best possible outcome. Contact us today!