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Electric Vehicle Home Charger Basics Video

Earlier this month, Ralph Cantafio, owner and senior attorney of Cantafio & Song PLLC and adjunct professor in the Global Energy Management Program at the University of Colorado, released an educational video on YouTube about the basics of owning an electric vehicle.

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Specifically, he discusses the following:

  • Different charging levels of EVs: Level 1 is the slowest, level 2 is faster, and level 3 is the fastest but not suitable for residential properties;
  • Charge times: These depend on power supply, the vehicle’s ability to accept power, and the vehicle’s onboard charger; and
  • Number of miles from a charge: This is difficult to accurately determine, as it varies by vehicle and can be affected by the weather.

Mr. Cantafio says that it’s important for consumers to understand the dynamics of charging EVs, as they differ considerably from filling up a combustion engine with gas. Whereas stopping at a gas station can take as little as 5 minutes, charging an EV can take hours, sometimes even days.

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Mr. Cantafio’s discussion of EV home charges is detailed and easy to understand. He explores in depth the factors potential EV owners must think about and the variables affecting charge times.

Learn more by checking out his YouTube video, calling him at (970) 819-2371, or emailing him at