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Who could forget, the website that was hacked last year revealing the data of 32 million users across the country. This breach cost Avid Life Media, which has been renamed Ruby, more than a quarter of its revenue. The parent company of Ashley Madison is now the target of a U.S. Federal Trade Commission investigation because of fake profiles that were allegedly used to manipulate their customers. Furthermore, they are facing class action lawsuits filed on behalf of the customers whose information was posted.

Using the tagline, “Life’s short. Have an affair,” the now well-known website that promotes extramarital affairs is now trying to change their focus. Executives say that they are moving some of their focus away from infidelity and repositioning the brand similar to discreet dating sites. The new tagline, “Find Your Moment,” is to target a broader variety of people. Along with the rebranding, will be focusing on their security to ensure that their clientele’s information is kept private. Deliotte, a cyber security company, will be providing 24/7 monitoring of the dating site in hopes of preventing another data leak.

For more information about or to learn about how Colorado law deals with infidelity, check out our blog: Denver, Colorado - Estimated 70,000 Ashley Madison Users Revealed in Colorado. If you find yourself in the same situation as approximately 70,000 other individuals in Colorado or are looking for an attorney to handle your family law needs, please contact the Domestic Team at Cantafio & Song PLLC. Our Colorado family law attorneys stand ready to assist you.

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