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Positive Trend in Colorado Divorce - Couples are Posting "Divorce Selfies" in Amicable Splits

As couples in younger generations are deciding to end their marriages, many have sought a positive twist on their situation and inspired a new trend – divorce selfies. According to the Washington Post, on the day their divorce is final, these couples are posting selfies together outside the courthouse and commenting on the end of their marriage in a positive light. Whether the couples anticipate maintaining a positive relationship for the sake of their children, or simply for their own mental well-being, this trend demonstrates a desire for couples to end their marriage amicably.

Many couples, who have seen or experienced the pain that negative relationships between children’s parents can cause for the children involved, have resolved to only act and speak positively about each other to help their children through the divorce and after. Co-parenting is possible for divorced parents to achieve, and this social media trend may help remind friends and family that neither the children, nor friends and family have to choose a side or become embroiled in drama of an ending relationship. Rather, as many of these selfies’ captions quote, the couples and their loved ones can focus on the positive aspects of the relationship – “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Not every divorce has to be acrimonious. If you would like to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse after divorcing, and you think that may be possible, call the family law team at Cantafio & Song PLLC for help. We can help you come to a fair resolution that will not leave you or your soon-to-be-former spouse feeling spiteful and angry. And maybe you can be the next couple to post a positive “divorce selfie” on social media!

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