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What to Do If You Have Lost Your License, Part One: Alcohol related issues

There are two main ways to lose your Colorado license; alcohol related issues and points related issues.

Alcohol related revocations...

DUI charge: When the officer issues your citation, you will be given a temporary permit that is valid for seven days. The following charges could result in a license revocation, DUI, DWAI, underage DUI, minor in possession. Depending on the charges and your record, you could be eligible for a limited license with an interlock requirement or a probationary license (for certain underage drivers only). Immediately after the charge, you must request a hearing with the Hearings Division at the Department of Revenue to protect your legal rights regarding the license revocation. Having an attorney during this time will help you avoid a lengthy revocation and help you work through the necessary reinstatement documents and requirements.

Interlock issues: If you are subject to the interlock requirement, you could face revocation if your provider reports three or more failure within a twelve-month period. You can and should request a hearing and need an attorney to help you navigate the system so that you can present your defenses. Having a hearing could help you avoid a lengthening of the interlock requirement and/or avoiding a revocation of your license for violating the interlock agreement.

Driving under restraint/habitual traffic offender: Colorado traffic law allows for a charge of driving under restraint if you are caught driving during a period of revocation/suspension. If you do not take affirmative steps to protect your driving privilege you could compound the original issue and create a lengthy revocation period. Driving under restraint is a misdemeanor criminal charge which could carry jail time. Also, convictions for three or more qualifying offenses (multiple DUI’s, driving under restraint, hit and run with death or injury, reckless driving) could result in having the habitual traffic offender status applied to your driving record which carries a very lengthy revocation period.

The Good News: Having an experienced attorney from the very beginning of your case can help you protect your driving privilege and limit the amount of time that you are under revocation. Speak with a knowledgeable attorney in the Criminal Practice Group at the Cantafio and Song law firm for advice on how to handle your licensing issues. We are experts in this area and can advise you on these issues as well as represent you before the Department of Revenue and/or in any County Court in Colorado. Contact our expert Criminal Law Group to assist you in your defense, at 1-(888) 458-0991.