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Sexting Ring Scandal Rocks Colorado High School

A Colorado high school in Cañon City is currently under investigation after not less than 100 high school students were discovered to be part of a largescale sexting ring. Students used their cell phones to text nude photos to each other using “vault apps,” which allow users to conceal videos, photos, and other personal information behind a passcode. Some of the children involved in the scandal are middle school students as young as 13 years old.

Law enforcement has the unique challenge of determining how to handle a situation where the perpetrators are minors themselves. In Colorado, possessing explicit photos of minors (child pornography) is a felony. For teens, however, prosecution under child pornography laws that can require them to register as sex offenders would only be pursued under limited circumstances. In this case, the District Attorney has said that he would follow a path requiring a student to register as a sex offender only if “absolutely necessary,” although it is possible that no criminal charges will be filed at all.

Especially with such a large group of kids, law enforcement is not out to punish every child. Their primary concern now is only to determine whether any adults were involved and whether any of the minors were coerced into sharing nude photos.

While the teens may largely be safe from legal action, the school has responded with its own set of punishments. A handful of students believed to have had the heaviest involvement have already been suspended, and the school’s football team had their final game cancelled after it could not be proven that none of the players were involved.

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Sexting can have a variety of harmful social and legal consequences, especially when it comes to child pornography. If convicted of possession or dissemination of child pornography, an individual can face a number of very serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and registry in Colorado’s sex offender list. These punishments can lead to a damaging loss of reputation, profoundly impacting a person’s future.

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