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Research into Oil Industry Deaths Leads to Accident & Injury Decrease

Deadly gas and oil extraction accidents have led to a number of fatalities over the past few years, but according to a new federal database, 2014 was a tougher year for oil field workers than previously expected. According to Fatalities in Oil and Gas Extraction (FOG), eight oil field workers were killed last year in Colorado – a 33 percent increase over what was originally predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While FOG has long been aware of the dangers workers in the oil and gas induxtry face, they are now focusing their efforts on finding out exactly what equipment and operations lead to the most fatalities. In doing so, they uncovered information that revealed other causes of worker deaths that weren’t being counted as oil field work-related. FOG has found that fatalities not originally attributed to oil field work by the Bureau of Labor Statistics were, in fact, directly related to the victims’ jobs. Some of these included heart attacks that began at a job site due to exposure to toxic chemicals, or deaths that occurred when the victims were struck by work vehicles.

Since being founded two years ago, the FOG has provided greater insight into exactly what types of situations are to blame for the rise in oil and gas worker deaths. Between 2013 and 2014, a total of 254 workers have died, reflecting a 27% jump between the two years. Thankfully, as more research is conducted in the hopes of creating safer working environments for workers, injuries have decreased by double digits. So far, in 2015, there have been no reported fatalities in Colorado oil fields.

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