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A Divorce is a Business Transaction

By Jim Margulis, Esq.

The above article points out some critical errors that are made when it comes to the financial aspects of a divorce case.

I want to focus on number 4 which is, “seeking revenge.”

I have been practicing Family Law for 16 years, and one of the first things I tell my new clients is “the more you fight, the more you will spend on attorneys, and I do not want that for you.”

Now, that is not to say that there not legitimate issues which require hard work and may necessitate the need to take the issue before a Judge.

However, more often than not, it makes more sense to make a reasonable compromise and settle the issue. Ultimately, outside of any children issues, a divorce case is a business deal.

I like to say that you know that you have a good divorce settlement when neither party is happy – it is all about hard negotiation and ultimate compromise. But in the end, there will be more money, because neither party forced an unnecessary issue to trial which costs thousands and thousands of dollars. Moreover, there is always a risk when you go to trial and you are allowing a stranger to decide your future.

I once heard it said that, “he who seeks revenge better dig a grave for two.”

If you are going to let your emotions drive your divorce case and cause unnecessary issues, you can make that a grave for two and most of your money.

Be smart and hire an attorney who is going to protect your interests and not exacerbate the issues.

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