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Colorado Attorney General's Office & High Profile Cases

By: Patrick F. Welsh, Esq.

That’s “NO” Chump Change… The Attorney General’s office enjoys naming its investigations but even more than that they love to prosecute high profile matters:

According to the AG’s website:

“Operation Chump Change” has netted around 273 pounds of brown heroin valued at approximately $40 million and is to date the largest heroin bust ever in the rocky mountain region. This resulted in 24 people indicted on the state level and 34 people indicted on federal level.”

“Operation Golden Go-fer” investigation, alleged at least $12 Million of Illegal Medical Marijuana Trafficked out of Colorado, to include law enforcement’s seizure of 4,600 pounds of marijuana, nearly 2,000 marijuana plants, 10 pounds of hash oil, and approximately $1.4 million in cash. This investigation resulted in the indictment of 32 people and is the largest marijuana bust since it was legalized in the State of Colorado.

These are only a few examples of the types of cases the Attorney General’s office handles, they don’t rush things, they take months even years to investigate its case before presenting it to a grand jury for an indictment. If you’re currently breaking the law, look around because the AG’s office may already be watching you. If you’re indicted be sure to know your rights and obtain competent legal counsel to represent you.

On a side note, the Attorney General’s office is responsible for a variety of matters and not all of them are criminal in nature. While one division of Attorney General’s office may be prosecuting people for illegal marijuana or heroin operations, many people will be surprised to learn although probably very pleased to know, that another division of the Colorado Attorney General’s office is currently representing the people of the State of Colorado against the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma regarding a lawsuit filed by those states against Colorado in an effort to overturn Colorado’s marijuana laws.

Nebraska and Oklahoma have petitioned the United States Supreme Court to overturn Amendment 64 and Colorado’s Attorney General’s office is fighting for Amendment 64, it is fighting to uphold your state right to legally possess and use marijuana in Colorado. One can only ponder the name the AG’s office would tag on this matter!

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