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Interlock Cameras Required as of October 2015

By Emily Kelley, Esq.

As of October 2015, if you have an interlock installed on your vehicle, you will need to have a camera hooked up as well. While it’s not written in any Colorado law, the state has entered into several contracts with the various venders of interlock systems and those contracts require cameras. That contract, according to the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), requires that in addition to the mechanism that drivers blow into to start their ignition, cameras be installed to verify the identity of those blowing into the interlock and confirm that the interlock device and vehicle are being operated in accordance with their policies. While there will be an additional expense associated with the camera, it may not all be bad news. If you have three failed interlock attempted starts, you can be subject to additional penalties. If a camera is in place and the camera picks up on false positives, it is a way to further prove your innocence. With DUI penalties getting stricter and stricter, it’s important to know your rights. Contact our expert Criminal Law Group to assist you in your defense, at 1-(888) 458-0991.

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