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Colorado Custody Issues - The 5 C's

By Jennifer Workman, Esq.

According to Joan McWilliams, Esq. book, Parenting Plans for Families After Divorce, one must utilize the five C’s to be successful when parenting after divorce. First, Commit to your children, put your children ahead of your own needs including new significant others. Secondly, Compartmentalize your anger. In most divorces, there is always a certain amount of hurt and conflict between the parties. However, it is important that the anger is not felt by the children and that you can make decisions and compromises with the other parent to serve the children despite your anger or hurt feelings. Third, Communicate with the other parent, regardless of any feelings you may have towards the other person, you must come up with a system that allows you to effectively communicate with the other parent. Fourth, Consider the ideas of your children, despite the preconceived notion that one should not involve their children in the adult matter of divorce by discussing it with them it has recently been determined that it is important to involve them to some degree. Specifically, issues related to how the parenting time schedule is affecting them, especially as they grow older and have their own lives. However, it is still important to refrain from discussing financial issues, and personal problems that you may have with the other parent. Lastly, Change your approach to conflict. It is inevitable that circumstances will come up in everyday life that you or your attorney did not account for in your parenting plan; however, it is important to ensure that one realizes that they need to be reasonably flexible when the circumstances occur and approach the other parent in a mature and non-confrontational manner to ensure that the conflict is minimize and that you and the other parent are acting the best interest of the children.

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