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Colorado Custody Issues - 7 Tips for Peace

By Jim Margulis, Esq.

Having practiced Family Law for the last 16 years, I am always looking for new ways to advise my clients on how to best approach children issues in Family Law cases. Below, please find Dr. Robert Emery’s 7 Tips for Peace in best handling these challenging circumstances. It is so frustrating to watch parents put their interests, their resentments and their revenge objectives before the best interest of their children. The harm it causes is immeasurable. While I know it presents challenging issues and bitter feelings, parents must take whatever actions are necessary to make sure that they do not exacerbate the harm their children will already incur as a result of the family law/divorce process.

In Colorado, each parent in a Family Law case is required to take a Parenting Class. The class is a good start in teaching parents what to expect and how best to behave. Beyond the class, I often recommend different types of therapy or coaching classes which further enhance the my clients’ abilities to take the high road during the process.

Please consider the following tips for peace as you move forward through your family law matter:


1. Love means more than money

Your time, attention and emotional presence are more important to your children than gifts.

2. It’s not about winning

The holidays are not a competition with your ex or for your children. Encourage your kids to have fun with their other parent.

3. Get into the spirit of a new year

It’s time for giving, forgiving, and fresh starts. Try to let go of anger and treasure all you have – despite what you may have lost.

4. Communicate and coordinate with your children’s other parent

A brief email, telephone message, or conversation can reduce the risk of confusion for everyone, including the kids.

5. Do the details

Work out exactly where your children will be during what times, and when, where, and how exchanges will take place.

6. Set up a plan for next Christmas holiday season now

If you went through the agony of 11th-hour negotiations last month, be better prepared for December 2015. Get extended family involved in the planning too.

7. Maintain family traditions with your children

Rituals may change with circumstances, but preserve the familiar where and when you can

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