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Talking Parents - The Gold Standard for Communicating in Domestic Cases in Colorado

Technology is once again changing the way that we communicate; is the latest legal service that allows two parties to communicate through a fully controlled and recorded interface. The goal of is to improve communication and help parents avoid disputes. They attain these goals by maintaining communication records as an independent third party. The Talking Parents service ensures that parents cannot delete or alter anything they said while using the service. Beyond what is actually said between the parents, keeps track of when communications were sent and received, as well as when parents are logging in and out of the service. All of these factors create a state of the art communication system ideal for use in our modern legal system which relies on the accurate recording of information.

This service is aimed at those parents who are separated, divorced, or were never together but must communicate with each other regarding their children. Courts can order that the parents use this program to communicate to avoid high-conflict situations, or alternatively, those parents that can avoid heated discussions may use to clarify, verify, and document their discussions and agreements. In high-conflict situations, an additional benefit to using is that the parents do not need each other's contact information, so that uncontrolled and unrecorded conversations are limited to avoid hostile exchanges.

Beyond just sending messages, this service allows parents to send documents to each other, while the content of the document is not saved, any message attached to that transmission is saved and the time that the document was downloaded is saved on the record. These records can be viewed and printed out in order to demonstrate compliance or violations with any court orders or previous agreements. Having the entire record of communications between two parties in a single compendium is incredibly useful to attorneys that usually deal with a stack of printed e-mails, text messages, social media communications, and phone records.

In a day and age where communication is constant and varied, it is incredibly useful for one parent to be able to communicate with the other parent through a safe and verifiable medium. may become the gold standard for communications between parents when the domestic situation is either hostile, or if parents are simply searching for a convenient way to keep track of their communications regarding their children.

If you are experiencing domestic issues, you should contact a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who can assist you with developing a plan for communicating with your current spouse, former spouse, or parent of your child.

Please contact the Domestic Team at Cantafio & Song PLLC for all of your family law needs.

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