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What's In A Name: The Importance of Protecting the Name of Your Beer

Colorado Craft Brewing is a respected tradition in our state and our brewers are proud of the beer they make. A beer is a signature offering of that brewery's time and effort in creating what they believe will please everyone from their local beer aficionados to the judges at the national beer festivals. The finishing touch on each new beer a brewer produces is a creative and catchy name. All marketing savvy brewers understand that what they choose to call that beer can be just as important as what's inside the bottle.

If you are a brewer at any level in the game, consider the reality that a creative name and an eye-catching label is how people identify your product and what they come to expect from your business. Protecting that name and label design through strategic intellectual property structuring provides the consumer with confidence in purchasing decisions knowing the quality he or she associates with your beer from prior experiences is what he or she can expect next time they twist off a cap or pop open a can. The name of your brewery and each of your beers is a representation of your hard work, tireless efforts, and hard fought brand loyalty. The last thing you want to happen is to have an inferior brewer posting up next to your shelf space with a confusingly similar name or label design. Protect that name and your reputation among your dedicated consumers, as well as those who have yet to experience the satisfaction of sipping your beers, with the help of our lawyers dedicated to assisting Colorado breweries.

An attorney from our Rocky Mountain-based law firm will assist you and your brewery to establish your permanent foothold in the ever expanding world of beer in Colorado. We know what's at stake when you put your faith in us to protect your investment. Our Trademark and Copyright specialists can help create and protect your "brand" that stands out among the competition. Call any one of our Colorado offices to schedule a consultation with our team. Cheers!