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Mediation Suggested for Celebrity Divorces - Colorado Courts Embrace this Tactic for Everyone

By Amy Johnson

Every week, tabloids at the checkout counter splash stories about celebrity break-ups on their front pages. When the rumors are true, these couples often face a very long road ahead through the legal process. But while tabloids focus on the potential of celebrities splitting up, they rarely follow the story all the way through the lengthy, expensive process- until the final divorce decree. For example, Heidi Klum and Seal just finalized their divorce [i] after Heidi Klum filed for divorce over two and a half years ago.

In light of that experience, a recent Huffington Post article [ii] sang the praises of employing mediation in the divorce process, and its potential to dramatically quicken the pace of a dissolution proceeding. While mediation does not always resolve a couple's disagreements, it can be incredibly effective in helping to settle at least some of the decisions that must be made, including splitting major assets or dividing time parenting any children from the marriage.

Many courts in Colorado require a mediation for any couple in a divorce or separation proceeding. Those that do not mandate mediation strongly encourage participation. Settling a few, or maybe even all, of the issues can save you time, money, and headaches. A guided, frank discussion of the issues in your case with you, your spouse, and your attorney provides a unique channel by which to manage disagreements and come to compromises that you both can "live with." It can also help to preserve goodwill between you and your spouse so that future exchanges, especially those regarding your children, can occur smoothly.

With the right attorney guiding you through the mediation process, this step that is often required in the divorce process in Colorado, can benefit you and your children, saving you from the lengthy process Heidi Klum endured, even if you, too, have a great deal of assets and children issues to worry about.

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