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A Stressful Marriage is More Likely to Result in a Premature Death for Men

By Jennifer A. Workman, Esq.

A new Danish study has found that a stressful marriage full of conflict and worry can actually increases the risk of premature death in men. Women reported the same stress from an unhappy marriage, but it was less likely to lead to a premature death.

The study used data based on approximately 10,000 Danish men and women aged 36 to 52 for an 11- year time frame.

Participants were surveyed about stressful people and scenarios in their lives. Questions included, "In your everyday life, do you experience that any of the following people [partner, children, other family, friends, and neighbors] demand too much of you or seriously worry you?" and "In your everyday life, do you experience conflicts with any of the following people?"

By the end of the 11-year study, 196 women and 226 men had died. Using the survey data, researchers discovered that men's risk of death increased immensely when in stressful marriages.

The study determined that 6 % of men and 4 % of women went to an early grave when consistently in conflict with a spouse. The main cause of death for these individuals included cancer, heart disease, strokes, liver disease, and suicide.

"Those [men] who 'always' or 'often' experienced worries and demands from partner had a higher mortality risk than those who 'seldom' had this experience ... whereas worries and demands from other family, friends and neighbors were not [associated with higher mortality]."

Researches believed that at least half of the deaths could have been prevented if the individuals had not been suffering from a hostile marriage or difficult relationship with their children.

A press release clarified, "Men seemed to be particularly vulnerable to the worries and demands generated by their female partners, with a higher risk of death than that normally associated with being a man or with this particular relationship stressor."

Thus, while the divorce process is never easy, it is sometimes necessary and can ultimately, lead to a better life for you and your children.

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