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Record Sealing or Expungement

Thank you for reviewing our website regarding Colorado criminal record sealing or expungement. In order to confirm your eligibility for a Colorado sealing or expungement please be ready to provide the following information:

  1. Criminal Charge(s) (Type of Charge and whether Felony or Misdemeanor)
  2. Year of the charge(s);
  3. Final Disposition i.e. conviction of guilty, deferred and dismissed, dismissed, or charges were never formally filed;
  4. Year you completed all the terms of any sentence, if any; and
  5. County where the charges occurred.

You may also email our office a copy of your background check or paperwork if you have any.

In order to obtain a readily accessible and inexpensive Colorado Background Check please refer to the below website, it costs $6.85 and greatly assists in the determination of your eligibility.

If you would like to speak with an attorney, we'd be happy to schedule a time that you may speak with our Record Sealing/Expungement Attorney.