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Lisa Greenberg and Jennifer Workman Sworn In Today

Congratulations to Lisa S. Greenberg and Jennifer A. Workman on their admission to the Colorado Bar this afternoon!

Ms. Greenberg graduated from Boston College Law School with a Juris Doctor. She was a member of the Boston College Environmental Affairs Law Review as a Senior Articles Editor and Senior Notes Editor, and was published twice.

Prior to joining Cantafio Nagel & Song PLLC, Ms. Greenberg was an intern at the Colorado Attorney General's Office on the DNA Justice Review Project, reviewing closed case files for DNA evidence that might exonerate a convicted felon. Ms. Greenberg also interned at the Alaska Department of Law in the Natural Resources Section, researching and writing motions for active cases. At Feldmann Nagel, LLC, she will specialize in the area of civil litigation, with an emphasis in Landlord/Tenant law.

When not working, Ms. Greenberg is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time with her horse, camping, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

Ms. Workman graduated from University of Colorado with a Bachelor Degree in English. After undergraduate, she attended law school in Charlotte, North Carolina and completed law school at Colorado Law in Boulder, Colorado.

Prior to joining Cantafio Nagel & Song PLLC LLC, Ms. Workman worked at two family law firms in Charlotte, North Carolina. At these firms and throughout law school, she gained years of experience in the areas of family law and criminal law. At Cantafio Nagel & Song PLLC, she will specialize in the areas of Criminal Record Sealing and Expungements, Family Law and Estate Planning.

Ms. Workman currently volunteers with Metro Volunteer Lawyers and the Colorado Law Record Sealing Clinic.