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Accolades & Awards

Accolates & Awards

The History of Feldmann Nagel, LLC

Feldmann Nagel, LLC was formed in early 2004 by Charles Feldmann and David Nagel. Charles Feldmann's roots stem from his training as a JAG prosecutor and defense attorney with the United States Marine Corps and then his transition into state and federal governmental practice as a drug task force commander with the DEA and a local state deputy district attorney.

David Nagel's background comes from the corporate side of things beginning his career as a CPA with a big six accounting firm, Deloitte and Touché, working in the complex world of white collar crime and shareholder derivative lawsuits. Together, they have built a law firm based upon solid principles both in and out of the courtroom. The firms operations began in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with a satellite office in office in Vail/Edwards, Colorado. "Mountain Law" was the forte at the time; however, the firm rapidly grew into other metropolitan areas based upon its quality service and performance.

Today, its flagship office is centrally located in Denver, Colorado. And its expansion offices are located in Boulder, San Diego, California and Austin, Texas. These offices have provided a national foot print to service a myriad of corporate and individual clients with diverse needs and interests.
The firm provides a wide range of legal services and practice areas for its local markets. The firm has attorneys licensed in several states, as reflected on our website.

The firm has two divisions for its niche practice areas, in addition to all other legal practice areas:
I. Military Justice International
II. Wildlife

I. Military Justice:
We believe in defending those that defend our country. We have several ex-JAG military lawyers on staff who handle all matters before military courts worldwide and on an international basis, as the U.S. military courts are uniform globally. Additionally, we understand the code of military personnel and offer civilian legal services including domestic/divorce, real estate, estate planning, and the like. You can see more about our military justice international division at

With our vast litigation and criminal defense backgrounds, we represent those recreational hunters, and outfitters that have such interests. We understand when your second amendment guns rights may be at stake. Our attorneys are well equipped to deal with the various governmental agencies, Departments of Wildlife, and Bureau of Land Management in accessing, defending, and resolving those citations that arise on private and public lands. We have substantial experience in outfitter release of liability protections in their interests with clientele enthusiasts.

We have many rising stars in the ranks and look to bring on attorney associates that we may partner with in the future.
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