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Accolades & Awards

Accolates & Awards

Emerging Industry: Cannabis Business Development

Marijuana Business Lawyers Serving Colorado

Colorado’s voter-approved Amendment 64 opened the door to a new and promising industry. Since it went into effect, the commercialization of marijuana has created new business opportunities across the state and nation. As a result, a complex administrative and regulatory system has been created with significant hurdles for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enter and thrive in this emerging industry, and particularly as issues have yet to be resolved at the Federal level.

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Recreational & Medical Marijuana

Amendment 64 had two primary effects. It decriminalized the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana for individuals over 21 (with certain restrictions) and called for the creation of laws to regulate the retail sale of marijuana, marijuana business licensing, and hemp production at the state and local levels.

While Colorado’s cannabis industry will likely provide the groundwork for other states that pass marijuana legislation, it is also shrouded by new, complex, and ever-changing regulatory laws. Given the complexity of these laws, working with experienced Colorado marijuana business attorneys becomes crucial to ensuring your business succeeds.

Experienced Administrative & Regulatory Attorneys

Feldmann Nagel, LLC has extensive experience working with individuals and businesses involved in Colorado’s emerging cannabis industry. We provide legal assistance in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Corporate documentation
  • Private placements / investor relations
  • Wholesale manufacturing
  • Retail licensing
  • Trademarking
  • Compliance-related matters
  • Occupational licensing
  • Regulatory / business compliance
  • Tax compliance issue review
  • Contract and lease drafting
  • Employment
  • Administrative litigation for existing license holders

There are hundreds of pages of rules and regulations that retail and medical marijuana businesses must follow. Our attorneys can help clients understand how these laws apply to their unique situations and can assist them in navigating the comprehensive regulatory system ahead. Our legal team includes a former DEA prosecutor and Task Force Commander, and former state and federal drug prosecutors. We have extensive experience handling compliance and litigation issues with the Attorney General’s office, Marijuana Enforcement Division, and local licensing authorities.

Feldmann Nagel, LLC is also available to assist out-of-state individuals and entities as we provide an array of legal services and are licensed in 13 other states.

Marijuana Criminal Charges & Defense

Our firm maintains an active criminal defense practice representing clients who have been charged with marijuana-related crimes, including cannabis industry businesses facing criminal investigations or prosecution. With award-winning defense lawyers and former prosecutors, our team is capable of handling all types of charges, from infractions and misdemeanors to more serious offenses involving cultivation, trafficking, and distribution. Our attorneys also represent clients charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana.

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Feldmann Nagel, LLC has years of experience with administrative, business, criminal, and regulatory work, and is a leader in assisting with legal work for the cannabis industry. We are passionate about helping clients handle the complex legal work involved in cannabis business development and are available to personally discuss your case during a free consultation.

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