Unsupervised Probation: 11 count felony indictment for Lacy Act Violations
Case Dismissed before Preliminary Hearing: 18 year old young man charged with multiple felony charges of Sexual Assault in a Date Rape case
Dismissed: Board of Nursing Complaint
Case Dismissed: CEO real estate developer was charged with Menacing of his neighbor
No Permanent Conviction: Chief of Police was charged with three Counts of Felony Attempting to Influence a Public Servant
Negotiated Disposition: Client charged with Assault, Child Abuse and Harassment
Obtained Deferred Judgment & Sentence:: Client charged with DUI and DUI Per Se
Hunting Guide's Felony Charge Dismissed: Client charged with felony criminal violations by Colorado Division of Wildlife
Obtained Deferred Judgment & Sentence: Client charged with Felony Distribution of a Controlled Substance
Not Guilty Verdict: Client charged with Third Degree Assault
No Prosecution after Sex Assault Investigation: Client contacted Feldmann Nagel, LLC after learning about an allegation of sexual assault
Case Dismissed before Trial: Client was charged with Felony Second Degree Kidnapping and False Imprisonment
Not Guilty at Jury Trial: Driver cited for Operating a Motor Vehicle without Interlock Device When Required
Case Dismissed: Eight specifications of Sexual Assault, one specification of Assault and one specification of maltreatment
Downward Departure Obtained: Federal Court - Client was charged with numerous Felony Bank Fraud charges
Felony Charge in Federal Court: Federal government director-level employee was charged with providing false statements during official investigations
Reduced Sentence: Felony 2nd Degree Assault
Probation and No Permanent Criminal Conviction: Felony Aggravated Sex Assault on a Child also known as Statutory Rape and Felony Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
No Suspension of Privileges by DOW: Fisherman/hunter charged with multiple Wildlife violations related to wasting fish
Case Dismissed: Ft. Carson - Man charged
Not Guilty at Jury Trial: Grandparents charged with multiple felonies for Violating Custody Orders and sending their grandchildren out of the country
Case Dismissed: Hunter charged with Harassing Wildlife with Explosives/Toxic Vapors
No Suspension of Hunting Privileges by DOW: Hunter charged with multiple Federal and local hunting violations on Federal land
Dismissal of Felony Charges at Trial: Hunter charged with multiple wildlife felonies
No Suspension of Hunting Privileges by DOW: Hunter cited for multiple violations of Fraudulently Obtaining a Resident Hunting License

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The Colorado criminal defense lawyers at Feldmann Nagel, LLC are seasoned trial attorneys devoted to defending the rights, freedoms, and futures of individuals facing criminal charges. Our legal team understands that being accused of a crime can be one of the most difficult experiences a person can face, and dedicate years of experience and an unyielding commitment to helping our clients secure the best possible outcomes.

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Our highly credentialed team of award-winning lawyers is comprised of:

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Feldmann Nagel has been included in the Super Lawyers® magazine and was voted one of the Ten Best in Client Satisfaction in 2015 by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys™. The firm also maintains membership in the American Trial Lawyers Association.

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Throughout the years, our firm has helped numerous clients navigate their legal journeys, and we have fought tirelessly to have their charges dismissed or reduced as much as possible. Because each client and their circumstances are unique, we always take a personal approach to handling cases. When your freedom and future are on the line, you can trust our proven legal team to fight on your behalf.

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The practice of criminal defense is both an art and a science. With decades of combined legal experience, our criminal defense lawyers handle the full range of criminal cases, including:

Our legal team is prepared to begin working on your case immediately, and can help you understand the best strategy to defend against the charges and penalties you face. A Colorado criminal defense attorney from our firm can be your greatest ally during this challenging time.

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Feldmann Nagel, LLC proudly represents those who work hard to protect the people of Colorado. We recognize the issues that affect members of law enforcement and are available to assist officers with their legal needs.

As the grandson of a Sheriff’s Deputy, son of a Colorado Under-Sheriff, and brother of a Detective in the Narcotics Division of the Denver Police Department, our Senior Partner, Attorney Charles Feldmann, has produced incredible results for law enforcement clients. Mr. Feldmann is a former DEA Drug Task Force Commander, USMC prosecutor, state prosecutor, and as such has the type of experience you can count on to handle these special types of cases.

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