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Accolades & Awards

Accolates & Awards

Blog Posts in July, 2015

DUI and Marijuana

By Bridgette Tomasetti In Colorado, a driver can be charged with DUI if the officer suspects the person is impaired by marijuana. This can occur if officer believes the impairment is caused by ...
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Your Cell Phone is Private

By Bridgette Odom Tomasetti, Esq. The US Supreme Court recently ruled that a cell phone contains personal and private information and as such, it should remain private from police searches unless ...
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False Guilty Pleas: Who is to Blame - Prosecutors or Defense Lawyers?

By Charles E. Feldmann, Esq. Aggressive, Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys are a crucial component in an accused obtaining justice in the criminal justice system. Jed Rakoff, United States ...
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Interlock Cameras Required as of October 2015

By Emily Kelley, Esq. As of October 2015, if you have an interlock installed on your vehicle, you will need to have a camera hooked up as well. While it’s not written in any Colorado law, the ...
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Steamboat Springs Ranks High for Business-Friendly Locations in Colorado

By George M. Eck III, Esq. Last week, Steamboat Springs was named the #3 'Best Place to Start a Business in Colorado' by, which used census date to evaluate and rank the ...
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Is a Prenuptial Agreement Necessary?

We often hear in the news about the next celebrity couple who is divorcing. For celebrity couples and others on the higher-end of the earning scale, they will want to protect their assets and their ...
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