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The Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

By Timothy L. Graves, Esq.

When someone is convicted of a crime in Colorado they may be fined, placed on probation, sent to county jail, or even imprisoned, depending on the severity of the crime charged. However, there are other penalties that come after the courtroom. Convictions can carry with them other collateral consequences, that is, consequences not directly imposed by the State itself. These consequences can include penalties as severe as ineligibility for certain jobs, the loss of the right to vote, and the loss of the right to bear arms, not to mention the social stigma that accompanies a conviction. These consequences are not always immediately recognizable or even written in the statutes of the crime charged and many of these collateral consequences can create challenging hurdles for those burdened by them.

So if the text of the law itself does not tell you about the other penalties outside of fines or imprisonment, how do you know what they are and if you are in danger of them? How will you know how your life will be affected? In Padilla v. Kentucky, the United States Supreme Court declared that the only collateral consequence you have the right to know about is possible deportation of lawful permanent alien residents of the United States. The best way to protect your rights, both immediate and collateral, is to hire an attorney who has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your rights are being looked after.

Once your rights have been taken away by the courts or by collateral consequences, it may be difficult or even impossible to get them back. To ensure your rights are protected in the case of a criminal charge, contact Feldmann Nagel, LLC toll-free at 888-458-0991.

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