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Colorado Robbery Attorney

Understanding the Implications of a Robbery Conviction

In the state of Colorado, robbery is considered a very serious crime that carries with it extensive personal and legal consequences including long prison sentences. Unlike theft, robbery is a violent offense and therefore constitutes a felony offense. As with burglary, the potential penalties you could receive following a robbery conviction depend heavily on the circumstances of the crime. Along with long prison sentences and steep fines, a conviction will also land you with a criminal record that could significantly affect your chances of getting a good job, qualifying for housing, and being approved for loans or other forms of financial assistance. If you have been implicated in a robbery, you should not hesitate to speak to a Colorado robbery lawyer immediately.

The Two Classes of Robbery Charges

Colorado has two distinct classes of robbery. These two types include:

  • Simple Robbery is when one individual intentionally takes something from another individual using either physical violence or severe intimidation. As a Class Four Felony, this type of robbery can result in a 2-4 year prison term.
  • Aggravated Robbery is a robbery that involves the use of a deadly weapon or the serious threat that the individual in question is carrying a deadly weapon. Considering the very real potential for severe, life-threatening violence, this type of robbery is a Class 3 Felony and carries a 4-12 year prison sentence. If the robbery involved a controlled substance of any kind, you could face a Class 2 Felony with an even more severe set of consequences.

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At Feldmann Nagel, LLC, our firm will assemble the right defense team to fight the charges that have been leveled against you. All of our Steamboat Springs robbery attorney are nationally recognized as top violent crime defense attorneys with proven records of success in and out of the courtroom. Depending on the nature of your charge, your defense team will also include forensic experts, DNA experts, psychologists, private investigators and others that could benefit your case. We go the distance in defending our clients.