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Information on Federal Crime Charges and Penalties

Most commonly, crimes are prosecuted by the state in which the criminal lives, or in which the crimes were committed. However, certain crimes are filed in federal court, a completely different court system with professional prosecutors that have made the grade and serve in this venue. Generally, many white collar crimes are federal crimes, because they may involve financial crimes that cross state lines and violate federal laws. Other common federal crimes include tax fraud, weapons offenses, certain drug crimes, and internet crimes, among others.

If you have been accused of a white collar crime, it is essential that you hire an experienced and aggressive Colorado criminal defense attorney from our firm to defend you in federal court.

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If you or a family member are under investigation by a federal agency, or have already been charged with a federal crime in Denver or anywhere throughout Colorado, you need experienced lawyers on your side. You can be confident about choosing our federal criminal defense attorneys for the following reasons:

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When you are accused of a federal crime, it is generally because the federal government or law enforcement officials have been investigating you and have superseded the state government and law enforcement on your case. Federal law enforcement officials may have been investigating you and may have even set up surveillance on your home, office, or those of your friends and family members. Even if you believe that you are not under investigation, but someone close to you, a friend, family, or business associate is, it is essential that you hire legal representation.

Federal crimes are harshly punished under the federal sentencing guidelines, which are much more severe than state sentencing guidelines. If you stand accused, you need a Steamboat Springs federal crime lawyer who will know how to argue your case and negotiate with federal prosecutors to possibly reduce your charges or sentence, or even have charges dropped altogether. As former prosecutors, our attorneys know how to handle the "other side."

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At Feldmann Nagel, LLC, we have years of experience handling federal cases. We are a top-rated firm in Steamboat Springs, Vail, Boulder and Denver, as well as all of Colorado and surrounding areas. We can help you with your case from start to finish, and we may be able to help you avoid conviction or have your charges reduced. Our federal crime lawyers in Colorado are dedicated to defending the innocence and freedom of our clients. We understand how federal cases work, having defended numerous federal crime cases in the past, and we may be able to question the validity of surveillance evidence, or any other evidence that federal prosecutors try to use against you.

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