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Colorado Assault Defense Attorney

Steamboat Springs Defense Lawyer

When an individual feels threatened in any way, shape, or form by another individual, they legally have every right to take action against the threatening party. While battery charges deal with an actual physically violent altercation in which one individual harms or injures another individual, assault charges usually imply primarily the threat of violence. Verbal assault or intimidation can very easily lead to physical violence. The sentences imposed in a conviction for assault can be exceedingly severe. The repercussions beyond fines, jail or prison and other legal repercussions can potentially change your life for the worse. For this reason it is very important that you seek a skilled assault defense lawyer in Colorado immediately if you have been charged with assault.

Understanding Assault Charges

Assault charges can arise from a variety of circumstances in which an individual feels significantly threatened by another individual. It is important to understand that a wide range of possible situations can necessitate an assault charge. To build a strong defense case, the specific circumstances surrounding the incident need to be analyzed thoroughly. Assault cases can rest entirely on the testimony of the supposed victim. In some cases, innocent individuals can be found guilty based almost entirely on false testimony. In order to avoid being taken advantage of in the courtroom, you need strong legal representation by your side to fight for your interests and protect your future.

Fighting Charges in all counties in Colorado with Offices in Denver, Steamboat Springs, and Vail

At Feldmann Nagel, LLC, our Colorado criminal defense attorneys have the legal clout necessary to protect our clients against even the most serious of assault charges. With decades of experience to draw from, our Steamboat Springs assault defense attorney know what it takes to fight the charges that have been leveled against you. Our firm employs a number of experts, private investigators, and other professionals to build the strongest case possible given the unique circumstances of your situation. Do not leave your future and your freedom in the hands of lesser legal counsel. We believe in our clients and will relentlessly stand by their side throughout these tough and difficult times.