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Selena Sujoldzic, Esq.

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Selena, the latest addition to our Family Law team, has recently relocated to Colorado from Kansas. She was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Europe. She, along with her parents and older brother resettled to Wichita, Kansas in 1995 when she was only 12 years old after escaping genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Her interest in law came early in her life as she entered high school and realized that this country has strong laws, a constitution that protected her, and that this is a country based on laws that made it possible for herself and her family to call the U.S. their new home. She wanted to know more about the core laws of the country that saved her life and more importantly, how she could use the laws of this land to help others in need.

She decided to graduate high school early (3 years) and obtained her BS in Criminal Justice from Wichita State University before entering law school at the University of Kansas, School of Law. She is extremely passionate about the practice of law, especially domestic law, because she knows what it's like to be without a voice, and now she has the opportunity to be someone's voice when they aren't being heard.

Outside of practicing law, she serves on the Board of Directors for a national organization Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) who is dedicated to human rights advocacy, which also happens to be the same organization that assisted in her resettlement to the US when she was a young refugee. Through her involvement with the LIRS, she has had the opportunity to attend several meetings with state representatives at Capitol Hill, as well as, being invited twice to participate in meetings at The White House with the Obama administration regarding human rights advocacy and policies. She is also on the Planning Committee for the LIRS Academy designed to train and educate leaders across the United States in human rights advocacy and creating organizations for human rights on local levels within their own communities. She also teaches and presents at the same Academy. She has also written several blogs for LIRS website, as well as the Preface to the book issued by the LIRS "First Steps: An LIRS Guide for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants Released from Detention.”

In her spare time, she also volunteers with several human rights organizations, such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) where she served on the Refugee Congress as a delegate for the State of Kansas and continues to volunteer with various projects. She was invited several times to speak at the Naturalization Ceremony in Wichita, KS through the Wichita Bar Association and has given several speeches for various audiences regarding human rights advocacy.

Her non-work interests include spending time in the great outdoors with her fiancée, camping, fishing and reading, travelling, visiting family, watching movies and whenever there is some “spare time,” she thinks about the wedding planning process.